1. Complete GD2’s Entrance Agreement.

You can complete the Agreement by clicking on the “Entrance Agreement” menu to the left.

Why do you need to complete the Entrance Agreement?

Everyone who enters GD2 is required to complete this Agreement, which helps make GD2 a legally safe and secure space. It includes:

  • GD2’s policies
  • A¬†strict, and strictly enforced, confidentiality agreement¬†
  • GD2’s rules and standards of conduct
  • A release/waiver

Please take the time to read and fully understand this Agreement before visiting GD2. Once you complete this Agreement, you are a VISITOR and can attend 1) non-member events and 2) members-only events as the invited guest of a Regular or Platinum member.

2. Sign up for membership.

You can review our membership options on our website’s membership page.