Bight Club

GD2 is excited to host one of Chicago’s newest Rope Groups — Bight Club!

About Bight Club:

This is a group for female-identified rope riggers, rope tops, and dominants in the Greater Chicago Area. We gather to learn, share, and experience rope first hand using primarily passionate, peer-to-peer skillsharing and “Unconference” learning formats.

Hitchin’ Bitches first started in late 2011 in London, England, to provide a relaxed space in which more women feel confident to start exploring ropes, as well as function as a network for those passionate about rope. Our mission is to create a safe, neutral learning and sharing space, with female energy to drive us, in which women are encouraged to get hands-on experience with tying. *

We welcome all women who live full time as women, as well as FtM, genderqueer and intersexed persons who feel that they still have links to women’s communities.

We do certainly welcome those who identify as male, but solely for the purposes of bottoming in rope. If you are a male-identified person who is interested in participating as a practice bottom, please ONLY post your availability in our Practice Partner thread. Any other postings in this vein will be deleted.


Interested in Attending?

Find Upcoming Meetings (held on Sundays) on our Calendar.