Communication in a Scene w/ Travis Wilson

Emotional Masochism and Sadism

Sadism is the condition in which one’s sexual gratification comes from making another person suffer. It’s counterpart is masochism, where a person’s sexual pleasure comes from experiencing pain. Most of us can accept the idea that giving or receiving physical pain can enhance a sexual experience, but what about mental anguish?

Emotional masochists experience pleasure from feelings that many people would consider negative, among them objectification, humiliation, jealousy, and abandonment. Emotional sadists get off on delivering this torment. During this discussion, we will answer questions like: Why are people interested in emotional S&M? Is this type of play abusive and does it permeate an entire relationship? How do you recover from hurt feelings? How can you tell when you are pushing emotional sadism too far? What are some skills emotional masochists and sadists need? As a starting point, we will talk about our experiences with this type of play and discuss why it is appealing and fulfilling for us.

In addition, we’ll show you different ways to hurt someone’s feelings, and give examples of emotions that can be made in to scenes. We will close the class with a demonstration of what we hope turns out to be an intense emotional scene and a Q&A.

About Jason and Jerith

Jason and Jerith are a couple from Chicago whose relationship is based in a Master/slave dynamic.

Jerith is a strong willed slave with a passion for scenes that challenge her physically and emotionally. She is the co-director of Galleria Domain 2 in Chicago, where she has organized over 150 educational and fund-raising events. In addition, Jerith served as the secretary and programming liaison while on the board of directors of the Leather Leadership Conference. She has been presenting on breath play and emotional edge play in the alt-sex community for a decade.

Jason is an emotional sadist who has finally found a way to use his fiction writing degree – coming up with creative methods and scenarios to torture his emotional masochist, Jerith. He has volunteered for several kinky organizations and has written articles on sexual education for a major BDSM retailer. He has taught on emotional sadism and humiliation play across the Midwest.

You can reach Jason & Jerith via email at breathplayer@gmail.com.


Emotional Masochism and Sadism

Presented by Jason and Jerith

Saturday, April 12
6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 )
Chicago, Illinois

RSVP preferred but not required
Open to All 18+ w/ID


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