Chicago Rope: Armbinder and The Knot Free Zone

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Date(s) - 01/14/2018
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM



After over two years of working together, our partnership with GD2 is coming to an end. Before we move our monthly event to a new space, we are going to have one final event at GD2 as a goodbye celebration. This special event will feature one of Chicago’s most beloved presenters and a long-time friend of both GD2 and Chicago Rope, Monkey, who will be teaching one of his favorite class of ties, the Armbinder. He’ll be presenting alongside our Rope Bottom’s Roundtable facilitator MedullaOblongata.

Since this is our last event at GD2, there will be no fundamentals class this month. Our fundamentals series will resume soon with a revamped curriculum at our new space. For this event, Chicago Rope co-founder Kedi will present The Knot Free Zone, a new class that’s all about how to play with rope without using any knots.

In lieu of our Rope Bottom’s Roundtable, which will become part of an all-new event that we will be announcing shortly, during the social hour we will have an open roundtable discussion reflecting on what we have all learned and how our community has changed over the past 2.5 years. After the classes, please join us for a Thank You GD2! party with cake and floats.


with Monkey and MedullaOblongata

Armbinders are a classic in the bondage world, spanning both western and Japanese forms. You can see variants of it in photography from the middle of the last century to last night at 3AM. When Monkey started in the rope bondage world over fifteen years ago, it was largely believed that only a very small handful of people could actually be placed in the classic elbows touching tie. This has proven to be incorrect as many bottoms can engage in this tie with the use of variants that can accommodate nearly any level of flexibility. Monkey and MedullaOblongata will walk through the body mechanics involved, explore some pertinent anatomy, prepare you for some of the expected physiological responses, and teach you how to tie and/or sustain a number of variants of this popular yet challenging class of tie.

The Knot Free Zone

with Kedi

Want to get started playing with rope but don’t know how what to do? Ever wonder what can be done with rope besides complex bondage ties? Looking for new ideas for play beyond the standard patterns taught in most rope classes? This class is for you! You’ll learn several fun and creative ways to use rope as a tool for various kinds of BDSM play, all without tying a single knot. We’ll also cover how to integrate these technique with more conventional forms of rope bondage. This class is open to all levels, including those who have never done anything with rope before.

Chicago Rope Social Hour

4-5pm @ GD2

Come early to Chicago Rope to catch up with friends, meet other people interested in rope, find a partner if you need one, and get settled into a floor space. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Classes will start promptly at 5pm.

Roundtable Discussion

4:15-4:45pm in Turmoil

Join us to reflect on how the rope community in Chicago has evolved over the past 2.5 years. We’ll discuss what we have learned so far and action items for the future. As always, Chicago Rope encourages feedback, so please come and share yours with us!

Presenter Bios


Monkey, owner of MonkeyFetish Studios, is an international presenter, performer and artist. He first presented rope at a local BDSM club in 2002 and has presented on rope, rough body play, D/s dynamics and other kink topics in the years since. He teaches with the philosophy that rope is easy, rope mastery is hard, and that anyone can use rope to enhance their kink play. He teaches rope, performs rope, and has more than a bit of skill with the camera which he executes for art and event photography whenever he can. He’s happy to share with anyone willing to listen to his particular brand of deviance.

He serves as Secretary of the Leather Archives & Museum and encourages you to ask about the organization and spend time perusing their website in your free time. You find out more about Monkey, his classes, performances and artwork at


MedullaOblongata dove into the rope scene headfirst in early 2014, after what was supposed to be a casual scene showed her the dizzying highs and intense connections that could be made through rope. She combines her thorough knowledge of anatomy with her appreciation for technical details in order to educate, primarily in the area of rope bottoming. She’s had the privilege of tying with and learning from many skilled rope tops, and applies what she has learned to help people learn to make their rope scenes better, from the top or bottom. She can be found co-facilitating the ChicagoRope Bottom Roundtable, or on


Kedi sees sexuality as a door to spirituality. He believes that consensual experiences that take us out of our personal and cultural comfort zones have the potential to create meditative states of heightened awareness, which can lead to transcendent moments of connection and intimacy. Kedi brings many years of teaching experience to kink. His classes are designed to train skills and build conceptual knowledge in a safe and supportive environment. His goal is to create a more open-minded and sex-positive society through better communication, healthier relationships, and responsible use of the erotic arts. You can find out more on his website,


How do I attend?

This event is open to anyone over the age 18 (with valid, state-issued ID) who is interested in rope. It is hosted and sponsored by the Galleria Domain 2 club (GD2) during non-member hours. Those who are not members of GD2 must complete and sign an Entrance Agreement in order to access the premises. We strongly recommend that you do so prior to attending the event to make entry faster and more efficient for everyone.

Where is GD2 located?

GD2 is located near the border of the Logan Square and Bucktown neighborhoods in Chicago. To get the exact address, you must RSVP here.

What does it cost?

This event is offered to the public free of charge thanks to the generosity of our hosts and partners GD2, and of our volunteer presenters and staff, who do not receive compensation for this event.

Do I need a partner?

No. Participants are welcome to self-tie or simply observe the class of your choice. If you would like to find a partner in advance, you can post in our Seeking Partners thread. If you connect with a potential partner online, we encourage you to meet them in person prior to committing to working with them. One way to do this is at our rope Social Hour, which is always immediately prior to our educational events. You can also search for a partner in-person at the Social Hour, as we will offer color-coded stickers to those seeking partners as a top, bottom, or switch.

Keep in mind that GD2 rules do not permit play during non-member hours, so all tying at this event events must be in lab-mode, of the tie demonstrated by the instructor, and for educational purposes only. However, as rope is an activity that involves close physical contact between people, Chicago Rope and GD2 expect that all interactions between partners will be consensual and with respect for any and all stated boundaries. Please contact a staff member if you have any questions or issues regarding this policy.

Do I need rope?

If you only want to be tied, you don’t need to bring any rope. If you would like to tie (or self tie), we recommend that you bring your own rope. We do have a few lengths of synthetic rope available for loan if you need it.

For all-levels classes, almost any rope is fine. We recommend rope of a diameter between 6mm (1/4 inch) and 10mm (3/8 inch). Soft synthetic rope like braided or twisted nylon in this size can easily be purchased at a hardware store. One length of 20-30 feet is sufficient, although shorter or longer lengths will also work.

For the intermediate classes, unless otherwise noted in the class description, we recommend at least three 8 meter (25-30 feet) lengths of natural fiber (jute or hemp) ropes of approximately 6mm (1/4 inch) diameter. If you choose to use synthetic ropes, be aware that some ties may need to be modified to suit your rope.

We also suggest bringing a yoga mat or blanket to sit on.

What should I wear?

This event is open to the public, so participants must remain dressed legally for public spaces in Chicago. This means that while stripping off a restrictive layer or two is okay, getting completely naked is not. Wear something that is comfortable, fitted, and that you can move in. To comply with city laws and remain gender-neutral, Chicago Rope will be implementing a slightly stricter policy of no exposed nipples for anyone. We thank you for your cooperation.

Is this event wheelchair accessible?

No. All events at GD2 require ascending two flights of stairs. There is no elevator available.

How can I get involved as a presenter or volunteer?

Presenters should use this form to apply. Those interested in volunteering for organizational roles should use this form. Chicago Rope staff will get in touch to discuss how you can help.