All Levels Class – Osada Steve & Barkas US Tour: Chicago

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Date(s) - 07/13/2017
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM




Chicago Rope and GD2 are excited to announce that registration is now open for Osada Steve’s visit to Chicago this summer! In order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to study with Osada Steve, we will be offering three different class levels. The material taught in each class will be taken from both Osada-ryu and Yukimura-ryu styles of rope, and will be dynamically chosen by the presenter based on the needs of the participants.

While in Chicago, Osada Steve and Barkas will also be available for private instruction. Visit the Chicago Rope website for more information on private lessons.

Osada Steve

Osada Steve is one of the only Westerners working as a professional shibari artist in Japan. He emphasizes spiritual and emotional connection while prioritizing the model’s well-being and safety.
Osada Steve is the designated successor of Osada Eikichi, with whom he studied from 1998 until 2001. He subsequently studied under Akechi Denki, Yukimura Haruki, and Nawashi Kanna.


Barkas is one of three licensed Osada Ryu instructors worldwide as well as a Yukimura Ryu instructor. He developed the Ranboo method and the Interview metaphor of rope bondage. Barkas has performed and taught workshops all over the world at events such as Shibaricon, Moscow Knot, West Coast Bound, FIRE, and many others.

All Levels Classes

Thursday, July 13    6:30pm – 8:30pm
Tuesday, July 18     6:30pm – 8:30pm

$100/couple each class.

The material in each class will be different but not progressive, so you can attend either one or both classes. These classes will be open to everyone, including new beginners to rope.


Click on the links below to learn about other group classes.

Intermediate Weekend Intensive

Saturday, July 15    11:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday, July 16      11:00am – 6:00pm

$500/couple for both days, lunch included. There is no single-day registration available.

This workshop will contain content involving suspension bondage. The prerequisite for this intensive is the ability to tie a TK that is safe for suspension (in any style).

Advanced Masterclass(es)

Friday, July 14       10:00am – 6:00pm
Monday, July 17    10:00am – 6:00 pm

$300/couple each class, afternoon meal included. Registration by application.

This will be an opportunity for experienced rope practitioners and educators to work with Osada Steve in a small group setting. Depending on demand, we will offer either one or two sessions that will take place on Friday and/or Monday. If you would like to register for one or both of these sessions, you must submit an application indicating your preference of day and describing your previous rope experience. Please submit your application by April 1 for first consideration.

Workshop FAQ

Can I register for multiple class levels?

Yes, you can attend as many classes that you meet the prerequisites for as long as space is available. However, if there is enough demand, we reserve the right to ask attendees to choose only one class level so that others can also have the opportunity to take part in this unique experience. If we must do this, you will receive a refund at no cost for the class levels that you do not attend.

Which class level is right for me?

The All Levels Classes are targeted to those who are newer to rope. If you have been learning rope for less than six months to one year, this will be a good level for you. Those with more experience can also take this class as well. No matter how advanced you are, it’s a never a bad idea to go back to basics.

The Intermediate Intensive is targeted towards those who are seriously studying rope. If you have been regularly attending rope classes for at least six months to one year, have attended other rope intensives, and have begun learning suspension, this intensive will be good for you. The prerequisite for this intensive is the ability to tie a TK (in any style) that is safe for suspension.

The Advanced Masterclass is targeted towards experienced rope educators and practitioners who have been doing and/or teaching Japanese rope bondage for several years. Enrollment for this class will require submitting an application for pre-screening.

Why do I have to apply for the Masterclass?

In order to offer these smaller, more advanced classes, we are asking those who wish to register to fill out an application describing their previous rope experience and indicating their scheduling preference. We will collect all applications submitted by April 1 and review them in conjunction with Barkas. Based on number of applicants, we will schedule Masterclasses for Friday and/or Monday. Applications may be submitted after April 1 for unfilled and/or waitlist slots.

Preference will be given to those who are actively teaching in local, regional, or national rope communities, so that the material taught in this workshop will ultimately serve to benefit as many people as possible. Your application information will be kept confidential and only used for purposes of determining admission to this Masterclass. You do not need to share your real name with event organizers at any time.

I want to take the Masterclass but I don’t know if I will be accepted. What should I do in the meantime?

If you want to be sure that you have the opportunity to take one of the workshops with Osada Steve while he is in Chicago, you might want to register for Intermediate Intensive and/or the All Levels Classes now. If you are invited to the Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to change your enrollment and have any additional payment credited back to you.

Is there an application process for the Intermediate Intensive or the All Levels Classes?

No, both of these are first-come, first-served registration. However, we do ask registrants to all of our intensives some basic questions about their rope experience so that our presenters can be better prepared to target the level of what they teach to the people in the class. There is also a prerequisite for the Intermediate Intensive that we ask registrants to self-certify that they meet. Once these workshops fill, we will keep a waitlist if spots open up later. We anticipate that some people on the waitlist will have an opportunity to register later.

What is the prerequisite for the Intermediate Intensive?

The prerequisite for the Intermediate Intensive is the ability to tie a TK that is safe for suspension in any style of Japanese bondage. While this might seem to be a somewhat arbitrary and abstract prerequisite, our experience is that those who cannot tie that pattern to this standard will have a difficult time following along with a suspension-oriented workshop. If you are starting to learn suspension and are unsure of whether you should take this intensive, we suggest that you attend our monthly events, especially our TK Lab in April, to work closely with our staff instructors. If you are not based in Chicago, feel free to email us for more specific recommendations.

Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket if I cannot attend the workshop at all?

Refunds will be available until May 15, 2017, subject to a fee of 7% of the total paid.

While in Chicago Osada Steve and Barkas will also be available for private instruction. Visit the Chicago Rope website for more information on private lessons.