Family, Friends, Kink, and Being Out w/ JSin and Faye, Apr. 13

Family, Friends, Kink, and Being Out w/ JSin and Faye, Saturday, April 13

Do you worry about the intersection between your interest in kink and your family and friends? Have you ever wanted to come out to someone, but weren’t sure how? Do you live with children, parents, roommates, or other vanillas? Want to find ways to practice your kink while maintaining your privacy? If so, join us for an interesting discussion from JSin and Faye that will cover all of these topics and more!

This session will touch on

  • Dealing with kids and maintaining our S/M and finding time to play at 3am
  • Dealing with friends that do not know or find out about your lifestyle from others (being outed)
  • Having a life above and separate from home life. (secrets secrets secrets)
  • Dealing with grown kids and their curiosity.
  • Getting those toys in and out of that house
  • Having others break the news that you are kinky
  • Hiding your kink from one or more family members but not all and why

Discuss ways of practicing control in public without making a scene and bringing attention.

  • Collars
  • Rings
  • Dress code
  • Seating arrangements
  • Non verbal control
  • Verbal control (what to say or not)

Dealing with family members that have questions.

  • Guess what so and so told me.
  • Grown and married, one wants to learn the other doesn’t… how kids and spouse differ.
  • Who are all those people?
  • Ways to let the cat out of that bag.
  • Kids hear things go bump in the night
  • Leaving toys out (Mom what is this for?)
  • Now where did I put that flogger (look in the laundry basket)

Telling friends you care about.

  • How do you approach a friend
  • Why would you want to?
  • What if they turn on you?

About JSin and Faye

Jsin of Faye came into the lifestyle in 2004 and quickly found their way to STL3 (formerly known as St. Louis Leather and Lace). Jsin soon discovered that his personal goals and experience were an excellent match with those of this worthy organization. As a volunteer on the Event Committee, he worked diligently with his mentors and quickly excelled in all aspects of event administration. Jsin eventually earned a place as Event Chairperson, where he along with Faye successfully produce Beat me in St. Louis and Spanksgiving, two of the mid-west’s premier BDSM lifestyle events that welcome people from all facets of the community.

Jsin is currently on the Board of Directors of STL3, a 501c7 Educational Social group. He is also past Chairperson of their Management Committee. Faye has been a leader in the submissive and switch communities by serving on both the Management Committee as senior submissive making the voice of the groups submissives heard as well as both being past presidents of the Board Of Directors of STL3 and both still hold seats as a Board Director today. Jsin and Faye are also Co-Founders and former Board Member of the Saint Louis Chapter of MAsT International. In addition, Jsin is Co-Founder of the St. Louis Area Whip Enthusiasts group, and an active member and supporter the Fetish Lifestyle Open Group of St. Louis (FLOG-St. Louis).

Jsin and Faye have worked tirelessly in an effort to help bridge the social gaps in the St. Louis region. Their advice and council are often sought to find diplomatic solutions to difficult situations. They regularly attends local area munches and leads by example for the leadership for the community at large. They are known for their ability to communicate well and work with individuals and groups in order bring ideas together so that everyone may learn and grow.

Both Jsin and Faye travel the country teaching their own personal strengths to communities wanting to grow from their experience in subjects ranging from Sensual caning, Beginner whips for a dungeon, Dealing with Family and the lifestyle, Event productions and dealing with starting up community events(the ins and outs and pitfalls).


Family, Friends, Kink, and Being Out
Presented by Jsin and Faye

Saturday, April 13, 2013
6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 )
Chicago, Illinois

RSVP preferred but not required
RSVP to info@galleriadomain.org
Open to All 18+ w/ID


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