GD2 Policies

GD2 is committed to creating an environment of mutual respect, providing a safe space, and protecting the privacy of you and all of our attendees.

We also are adamant about maintaining GD2’s status as a private, members-only, non-profit organization, each of which is essential to operating lawfully in the city of Chicago.

Many of the ways we do this are embodied in our rules, standards of conduct, and other policies.

Please take the time to review our policies below before your first visit to GD2.

Club Rules

GENERAL Everyone who enters GD2 must agree to abide by GD2’s basic rules, a strict confidentiality agreement, and a release/waiver. Everyone who walks through GD2’s doors is required to execute a document that covers these provisions, either a membership application or an entrance agreement. We strongly recommend that you take the time to read and fully understand …

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Standards of Conduct & Dealing with Misconduct

STANDARDS OF CONDUCT GD2 welcomes everyone: people of any sex, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, affectional preference, race, color, age over 18, religion, marital status, disability, national origin, or background. GD2 also welcomes people who have an interest in all forms of kink, some of which are popular, some of which or not. The …

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Confidentiality is of the utmost importance at GD2. Our confidentiality agreement is included in our membership application and in our entrance agreement. In summary, you are prohibited from sharing with anyone any and all identifying information of others you encounter either at GD2 or in our online forums. Period. Please click on the topics below for more information …

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PERSONAL INFORMATION WE COLLECT AND HOW WE USE IT EVERYONE. Full legal name, date of birth, criminal background. GD2 requires certain personal information from everyone who walks through our doors: a full legal name and date of birth. We also ask for sex offender and convicted felon status. We use this information solely to 1) restrict …

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