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Club Rules


Everyone who enters GD2 must agree to abide by GD2’s basic rules, a strict confidentiality agreement, and a release/waiver.

Everyone who walks through GD2’s doors is required to execute a document that covers these provisions, either a membership application or an entrance agreement. We strongly recommend that you take the time to read and fully understand these documents before visiting GD2.

No photography or recording.

Photographs and recording of any kind are prohibited without express permission of and direct supervision by GD2 staff.

We understand that our members and their guests sometimes like to memorialize a scene or an outfit with a photograph. To do so, you must follow these procedures:

  1. Inform a staff member that you would like to take a picture. Your camera must be off, put away, and out of sight at all times until staff is present to supervise.
  2. Staff will ask everyone who will be in the photograph if they are OK with a picture being taken, ensure that no one else is in the picture, and review pictures afterward to confirm.
  3. During club hours we do not permit photo shoots, elaborate staging, or anything that requires supervision for more than a minute or two–just quick photographs to capture a moment.

Anyone who violates our photography policy will have their camera confiscated and may face removal or banning from the premises, suspension or termination of membership, and/or legal action.

Confidentiality – what happens and who is at GD2 stays at GD2.

Do not disclose to anyone, at any time, the name, identity, or any personal or identifying information of anyone in connection with GD2 without that person’s express permission.

Everyone who enters GD2 executes a confidentiality agreement in either our application for membership or, for non-members, our  entrance agreement. If you have any uncertainty about what confidentiality means and how to maintain it, please review our confidentiality page, which includes definitions, guidelines, and examples of situations involving confidentiality.

Use of cell phones, smart watches, and electronic devices is prohibited.

Having your cell phone out and cell phone use of any kind—even briefly reviewing a text message or checking the time – is prohibited except in the designated cell phone area.

In addition, the following, and any similar devices, are prohibited:

    • Cameras
    • Bluetooth or wireless cell phone accessories
    • Smart watches
    • Recording devices of any kind
    • Computers, laptops and tablets
    • Kindles, Nooks, and all other electronic reading devices
    • Google Glass.

No soliciting for sex, BDSM or any other goods or services.

Soliciting for the exchange of sex or BDSM for compensation is strictly prohibited.

Soliciting for any other type of services or goods is prohibited without express written permission from GD2.

No drugs or alcohol.

Possessing or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at GD2 is prohibited.

No guns.

GD2 prohibits concealed carry on its premises pursuant to 430 ILCS 66/65.


You are responsible for being informed about risk.

Some activities you may wish to engage in at GD2 entail more risk than others. Each attendee of GD2 is expected to understand the risks of the activities in which they engage and is expected to make an informed decision whether to participate in such activities.

Aside from a small number of activities for which GD2 requires specific safety precautions, attendees are expected to make their own decisions about what safety precautions to take.

Inform GD2 staff about unsafe scenes.

If you see a scene that you believe is or may be unsafe, inform GD2 staff immediately. Do not interrupt or stop the scene yourself. Staff will assess the situation and make a decision whether to stop the scene. The staff member’s decision is final and should be complied with immediately.

If you disagree with GD2 staff’s decision to stop or not to stop a scene, please respect the staff’s decision and contact GD2 management to discuss the matter at a later time.



All types of scenes are allowed and encouraged as long as they do not violate GD2 policies.

GD2 welcomes people with kink related interests of all kinds and permits virtually all types and styles of play. If you are unsure whether a scene is permitted at GD2, please ask a member of our staff.

Watching others is permitted, but do so unobtrusively and without staring.

Voyeurs are welcome but must not intrude upon others. Good rules of thumb: maintain a respectful distance, generally at least 15 feet, and do not make eye contact with participants to avoid staring.

Do not join in any scene, including preparing for a scene or aftercare, unless expressly invited to do so.

Joining in a scene without express permission is a violation of others’ boundaries. Uninvited physical, verbal or other participation in a scene is always unacceptable.

Similarly, do not approach people who are preparing for a scene, who are involved in a scene, or who are engaging in
aftercare following a scene unless expressly invited.

Without direct permission, it is also inappropriate to interact with someone outside of a scene in way that directly references or relates to a scene. For example, if someone enjoys being called a humiliating name in a scene, it is presumptuous and disrespectful to call that person the name outside of a scene.

Do not interrupt or stop someone else’s scene.

If you believe a scene needs to be stopped for any reason, inform GD2 staff immediately.

Do not attempt to scene with anyone without permission.

Scenes should only take place between people who have negotiated and agreed upon the type of scene they would like to do together.

Scene in scene rooms only, socialize in social rooms only.

    • Prepare space for scenes immediately before beginning and not before.
    • Socialize only in GD2’s social areas, the lounge and the adjacent smaller social room. Socializing and having conversations in scene space is distracting and disruptive to people engaging in scenes.
    • Scenes are allowed only in scene rooms: Turmoil, Serenity, and Tranquility. There are no scenes permitted in social areas, restrooms, or anywhere else in the club.

If you are not comfortable being around a particular scene that is in progress, leave the area in which it is taking place.

GD2’s members have diverse interests, some common, some not, so someone else’s favorite way to play may be off putting to you.

Rather than judging or expressing negative feelings about someone else’s desires, we ask that you “change the channel” and walk away. Because scenes are not permitted in GD2’s social areas, you can always avoid witnessing a scene you find disturbing by heading to one of our social areas.


“Safeword” is GD2’s house safeword. Safeword loudly and GD2 staff will intervene if the scene does not stop promptly.

Safewording is not causing trouble, is not a  sign of weakness, and does not represent failure. If you want a scene you are in to stop and you are not able to stop it yourself, say “safeword” loud enough for others to hear and GD2 staff will intervene and stop the scene if it isn’t ended promptly.

If you or your partner will be unable to speak during your scene, inform GD2 staff prior to beginning your scene.

GD2 staff will ask if you want to substitute a non-verbal safe signal for the house safeword or whether you would prefer to scene without a safeword or safe signal.

You can scene without the house safeword, but you must always inform GD2 staff first.

Playing without a safeword does not make you better or special. However, some people prefer not to use a safeword. GD2 provides the option to scene without a safeword, but you must inform GD2 staff before beginning your scene — every time — so we are able to monitor the scene and bystanders accordingly.

Please carefully consider the risks of playing without a safeword. If you choose to scene without a safeword, GD2 staff will not intervene in your scene.


Be conscientious of others

    • Do not use BDSM equipment as furniture to simply sit or lay on, as it prevents others from using it for a scene.
    • Prepare space for scenes immediately before beginning and not before.
    • You are required to clean scene stations after use.
    • We encourage everyone to clean scene stations before use as well.
    • Do not use scene equipment for assembling or for laying out implements or toys. Scene equipment is only to be used for scenes. If you would like to lay out your toys, please use a table or one of the racks or hooks provided by GD2.
    • Clean up and vacate the scene station promptly after your scene. Whenever possible, do extended aftercare in a different area so someone else may use the equipment.
    • Do not move, handle or touch someone else’s personal property without express permission. This
      includes toys and toy bags, bondage gear, fetish wear, clothes, and any other kind of personal

Be prepared

    • Bring a tarp to use if your scene may make a mess, whether from food, wax, bodily fluids, or anything else.
    • When you sit on furniture not meant for scenes, make sure there is something – either clothes, a towel or a blanket – between you and the furniture.
    • Bring your own towels, blankets, and tarps.
    • Bring your own implements, toys, and supplies for scenes and aftercare.
      • GD2 provides equipment like St. Andrews crosses, spanking benches and bondage tables, but we do not supply restraints, rope, floggers, paddles, etc.
      • Be careful about borrowing implements from or lending toys to others, as you do not know how others have or will use them or whether they are clean, disinfected, etc.

Respect the club and help us take care of the space

    • Protect equipment and floors and keep the equipment and space cleaning by using a tarp for messy scenes (for example, wax play).
    • Do not adjust lighting, the thermostat, or fans. If you need more or less light or are too warm or cold, please inform GD2 staff.
    • Do not move GD2’s equipment without permission from staff. After you are finished playing, move the equipment back to its original place.


GD2 welcomes everyone: people of any sex, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, affectional preference, race, color, age over 18, religion, marital status, disability, national origin, or background. GD2 also welcomes people who have an interest in all forms of kink, some of which are popular, some of which or not.

The following standards of conduct help ensure everyone feels welcome at GD2. To facilitate productive engagement, we ask that you:

  • Take responsibility for your own conduct when someone points out problematic behavior and respond appropriately by focusing on the conduct in question. Please remember that it is your behavior that is being addressed, not your intentions and character. 
  • Try to give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to minor or unintentional issues.
  • Correct minor or unintentional issues in a non-confrontational manner when you initially encounter them.
  • If someone unintentionally crosses your boundaries, let them know and give them an opportunity to correct their mistakes before escalating.
  • Let GD2 staff know about any recurring instances of minor problematic behavior or about single instances of behavior you believe should be addressed by staff.

Be Yourself

    • Be sociable and friendly, to whatever extent you are comfortable
    • Do what feels right for you and don’t do what doesn’t feel right for you.

Be Respectful and Responsible.

    • Be considerate and respectful of others, whether socializing, watching or playing.
      • Be extra aware of body language, verbal cues and other signs to determine whether your behavior is acceptable or is making others uneasy.
      • Give others the space they need to enjoy intimate or personal time together.
      • Feel free to watch others from a respectful distance — at least 15 feet — and in a position that is not disruptive to them or others.
      • Feel free to ask members questions about their scene, but do so only after they are finished with the scene and aftercare.
    • Engage people as individuals. Do not make or act on assumptions about someone’s identity, sexual orientation, appearance, background, or kink related interests. Even if you think you know, it is better to ask and know for sure.
    • Do not demean or be disrespectful to anyone. Be aware of the ways you may do so unintentionally, particularly on the basis of identity, sexual orientation, appearance, background, or kink related interests.
    • Respect other people’s opinions, beliefs, experiences and points of view even, and especially, when you disagree with them.
    • You are responsible for your actions. Be aware that your actions may have a negative effect on others despite what your intention may be.

Use Appropriate Names and Pronouns.

    • Respect the name or pronouns by which someone prefers to be called and use them.
    • If you are unsure of what name or pronoun to use for someone, ask.
    • If you make a mistake using a name or a pronoun, apologize, move on, and correct it going forward.
    • If someone calls you by something other than your preferred name or pronoun, correct it.
    • If you have an ongoing problem with someone referring to you other than by your preferred name or pronoun despite being corrected repeatedly, please inform GD2 staff.

Be aware of and respect other people’s personal boundaries, physical, social and otherwise.

    • Do not encroach on anyone’s personal space.
    • As a general rule, do not touch anyone unless you are invited to do so, and do not touch anyone in a sexual or intimate way without express permission.
    • Do not treat a person who identifies with a particular scene role (for example, dominant or submissive) as someone who ought to relate to you in that role unless it is agreed upon in advance.
    • Do not stare at, objectify, or follow someone around.
    • Do not attempt to scene with anyone without negotiating and without permission.
    • Outside of scenes, and within scenes unless specifically negotiated otherwise, words have their ordinary meaning — that is, words like  “no“, “stop“, or “I am not interested” or “yes“, “keep going” and “I am interested” mean exactly that.
    • Anyone asked to stop any unwelcome attention is expected to comply immediately, without question.

Be clear about your own personal boundaries.

    • When setting or maintaining boundaries, be clear and direct with your language. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
    • If commonly accepted social behavior intrudes on your personal boundaries, be sure to tell people.
    • If someone oversteps your personal boundaries, even unintentionally, tell them.
    • If you have an ongoing problem with someone overstepping your boundaries after you have informed them of having done so, let GD2 staff know immediately.

Unwelcome physical contact or unwelcome sexual attention, physical or otherwise, is prohibited.

How do you know whether your attention is welcome?

Be aware of someone’s responses. What message are they conveying with their speech, body language, and eyes? Are they engaged and focused on you? Are they turned away or looking away? Are they withdrawn?

See and interpret those responses objectively, not as you hope them to be.


If you see something, say something.

Inform GD2 staff immediately if you become aware of any violation of GD2’s policies or if you have concerns about inappropriate conduct.

If you have had an experience with misconduct and have not personally told us about it, or if you know of someone who has had an experience with misconduct and you have not told us about it, do not assume we are aware of it.

GD2 has an open door policy and we rely on you to bring problems to our attention.

GD2 has an open door policy when it comes to reports of problematic behavior. Please let us know about misconduct promptly. The sooner we know about any problems that arise the sooner they can be addressed appropriately.

GD2 staff keeps an eye out for potential problems, but we can’t be everywhere at all times, and we rely on attendees to bring issues to our attention. Reporting problems does NOT make you a snitch or a troublemaker, and you can come to us:

    • If you just want to make us aware.
    • If you want to learn about available resources for help for a specific problem.
    • If you want GD2 to address an issue related to a specific person.

When you report a violation of GD2’s policies or other misconduct, we will listen and take you seriously.

If you come to us with information about a violation of GD2’s policies or other problematic behavior, we will:

    • Provide a safe, private space to discuss the situation, and maintain your confidentiality.
    • Listen to what you have to say and take your concerns seriously. If we ask follow up questions, it is to understand your experience and the issue as fully as possible, not because we doubt you or think you did anything wrong.
    • Provide information about applicable resources for dealing with the problem, if desired.
    • Always take into account your safety and the safety of others, as well as consider your preference, when determining an appropriate response.


GD2 deals with allegations of misconduct on a case by case basis.

GD2 management will follow up with people who have first hand knowledge of the situation and may otherwise seek out relevant information.

We take many factors into account when taking steps to examine and respond to misconduct.

The factors we consider include, but are not limited to:

    • The specific conduct brought to our attention
    • The people involved, including, where appropriate, prior conduct
    • The safety of and effect on the people involved
    • The needs and preferences of the target of the inappropriate behavior
    • The response of the the accused to the accusations
    • Protecting others from future misconduct by the accused
    • Keeping people safe from similar misconduct by others
    • GD2’s commitment to safeguarding the personal information of our members and attendees
    • GD2’s ability to continue to provide a safe space for our communities

We do NOT alter our approach based on:

    • Someone’s popularity, real or perceived
    • Someone’s standing at GD2 or in the community, real or perceived
    • Whether someone volunteers, works at, hosts an event at, or is any other way affiliated with GD2
    • Rumors, alleged facts or information that is not based on first-hand knowledge or experience

Consequences of misconduct.

GD2 may respond to inappropriate behavior in any of the following ways:

    • Use the situation as a teachable moment to reinforce appropriate standards of conduct
    • Warn someone not to engage in similar behavior again
    • Remove someone from the premises immediately
    • Limit attendance to certain types of events
    • Put someone on probation
    • Suspend membership
    • Terminate membership
    • Ban someone from entering GD2

When taking such actions, the person who engaged in inappropriate behavior will be informed. Where appropriate, we will also inform the person who is the target of misconduct of the specific actions we have taken.

Although we understand that people often wish to know exactly what happened, what we concluded, and what action we have taken regarding a report of misconduct, we do not publicly announce such decisions, in accordance with our privacy policy.


Personal Information We Collect and How We Use It

Full legal name, date of birth, criminal background. GD2 requires certain personal information from everyone who walks through our doors: a full legal name and date of birth. We also ask for sex offender and convicted felon status.

We use this information solely to 1) restrict access to GD2 to eligible individuals 18 years of age and older, 2) enforce our entrance and membership agreements, and 3) limit access to GD2 in ways that help us protect you, GD2, and all attendees.

Email address. We request an email address, which we use to communicate with you as needed for events for which you RSVP.

If you are a member or if you choose to sign up for our email list, we will also use your email address to send you our e-newsletter, through which we provide information about GD2, like upcoming events, special membership privileges, and policy changes.

Address, phone number and payment information. From members, we also request an address, phone number, and credit card information solely for the purposes of securely processing payment for membership and managing your membership.

We never send mail, and we only make phone calls when we are unable to contact a member by email or when specifically requested by a member. On the rare occasion when it is necessary to contact a member by phone, we only identify ourselves as Wilson or Jerith until we are sure we are speaking with you privately.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

GD2 does not sell, rent, give, or otherwise convey or disclose your personal information to anyone, except as required by law.

For members and non-members alike, your personal information is used only and solely by GD2 to manage your membership and/or access to GD2, unless you are a member who chooses to pay by credit card or check.

If you pay for membership by credit card or check, GD2 provides your personal information to our bank and/or credit card processor, which 1) keep it secure and confidential, 2) use it only for the purposes of processing payment; and 3) except as required by law, will not give, rent, sell or otherwise disclose or convey your personal information to anyone.


GD2 utilizes physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

For example, all personal information submitted online is encrypted and transmitted securely; all personal information is stored in a secure physical and electronic environment; access to full personal and payment information collected by GD2 is limited solely to GD2’s Directors; and GD2 staff only has access to enough personal information to check people in at the door.